About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Belgreen church of Christ !

If you are looking for a place to worsip, whether you are from the local area or just passing through...  we would love to have you come and worship with us.  We do our best to provide members and visitors alike with a place that is spiritually encouraging and scripturally sound.  We normally have attendance of near 100.  We offer Bible classes for all ages on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  We also have opportunities you can see on our "Calendar" that provide for spiritual growth and fellowship outside the normal services.

We are a congregation of people striving to follow the inspired Word of God.  We are not affiliated with any other organizations or institutions in our work to teach and preach and follow the New Testament.  When you visit with us you will hear teaching from the Bible in an interactive setting where discussion and questions are encouraged.  You will also hear prayer lead by male members and congregational singing without the accompaniment of musical instruments.  A sermon is presented each Sunday morning and evening.  The Lord's supper is served each Sunday to remember the sacrifice, death and ressurection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  A voluntary collection is taken from the members to sustain the work of our congregation.  We also support other preachers in the USA and abroad that serve in a missionary capacity to preach the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ. 

At Belgreen, it is our desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, the Apostles and the teaching they left behind through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in order to be pleasing to God in our worship and service to Him.  

Please feel free to come and visit with us anytime !

If you are not able to come to the assembly of the saints and would like to listen in to services click on the link listed below!

Weekly Zoom Webinar